Line-up Trackmania

With our Trackmania team we are a part of the best French racing game that was produced.

In Trackmania there are various kinds of styles, on which players can focus on - the most played and competitive one is called “Tech”. Tech combines all the technical aspects of drifting around corners, players therefore will barely do anything different than that.

Our Trackmania team is already able to look back at a rather successful history: the team was found with the very best of TrackmaniaHeroesEurope (THE) - back in 2016 “Ciciman” and his co-leader “Harni” decided to join Mysterious Monkeys. Mysterious Monkeys was the first step into professional gaming, as they offered the team some sponsorship they never have never experienced before.

Whilst THE could never reach the top 3 of a tournament before, the newly formed team was able to secure the 3rd place in the very first tournament they attended at - the eXeS Team Cup. Afterwards Ciciman decided to go back to THE, our less professional partner team, where he was needed more - with that, Harni took over the lead of the team in the following tournaments, in which the team finished also at top positions.

During 2017 the team was able to improve even more, getting players like Dutchy and Mathics under contract.

Results overview:

  • 2017 EXES Team Cup - 3rd
  • TM Masters Team Cup 17 - 3rd
  • ESL CPS 18
  • 3rd ALM Cup - 1st
  • Trackmania Open 2017 - 2nd in second group stage
  • 2018 ESL CPS 19 - 2nd
  • TM Brawl #1 - 1st

Solo Achievements:

  • 1st LanEx - Dutchy
  • 2nd LanEx - Mathics



At the end of 2017 Mysterious Monkeys wanted to focus on their League of Legends team, so the team parted ways with the organization. After a short period of time Dutchy and Mathics remembered the Venture people they met at LanEx and suggested to take the whole trackmania team there.

So the team joined Venture eSports. Finishing even second and first in the first two team tournaments the team attended for the new organization.

The team consists of 10 players, which are gathering together online from all over Europe. The majority is from the Netherlands, where Dutchy, Mathics and Wag are from.

Furthermore there are three players from Nordic countries: Slink from Sweden, B1ts from Lithuania and Rewenz from Norway. An Austrian called Scary and one German, Shark, complete the line up. The team captain Harni is from Germany and is also active as a player. Every player has already been part of their national team and therefore they are quite experienced.

Furthermore the team gets supported by a designer called Maik and by Nelkey, one of the best known Trackmania streamers.



You can find news around our Trackmania Team on their Facebook



All trackmania streams can be found on Nelkey’s twitch channel.



If you are rather a fan of Twitter then you can follow the team captain who will keep you updated:

Team Captain - Harni:

We’re proud to be a part of this new structure. Our first impressions are really amazing: the whole team is interested in seeing us performing - something we never experienced like that before. I hope we will be able to continue succeeding in online tournaments as we did so far, improving the team even more. Furthermore, I’d like to thank THE that helped us the whole time - without them we would not even exist as a team, thankful for that partnership.

Let’s go Venture, or as the French rather say: Allez Venture TM!”